FEBRUARY 27, 2019
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Overland Park, Kan. - Shawnee Mission resident and public education advocate Brian Koon has announced his campaign to represent the North Area on the Shawnee Mission School Board.

“The Shawnee Mission School District is an excellent school system, blessed with some of the most dedicated and masterful professionals in the country,” Koon said. “If elected, my job as a board member is to support students, teachers, and patrons, and to help collaboratively find solutions to the challenges our district faces. I prefer to re-frame issues in terms of how a challenge can be overcome with additional support. I seek office to better support our teachers, who have the hardest job in public education.”

Koon and his wife Beth - an art teacher in SMSD - bought their home in the North area of the Shawnee Mission District in 2004 because of the outstanding reputation of the public schools. In 2014, Koon’s life was changed when he stood in solidarity with his wife and the teachers of Kansas when due process was striped from teachers in the dead of the night by the Kansas Legislature. From that moment, he has spent countless hours working to help fund and support public schools.

Driven by his passion to help students and joy he felt volunteering in his own children's’ classrooms, Koon has joined the ranks of education professionals and is an English Language Learner aide (ELL), and KNEA member. Koon loves working with his K-5th grade students, and is deeply invested in their success and well-being.

Koon is looking forward to putting his consensus-building skill and advocacy experience to work for the students, teachers, and staff of Shawnee Mission.

“This election is about moving the Shawnee Mission School District forward and making sure ALL of our students have their needs meet,” Koon said. “I understand what it’s like to struggle and still want the best possible education for your kids. As a school board member I want to ensure that students and teachers are given what they need to be successful in the classroom, so our students can be successful in life.”


About Brian: Brian Koon is the pro-teacher, pro-student, candidate for the Shawnee Mission School Board. He has been advocating for students and public school employees since 2014. He is a proud KNEA member and will work hard to help all students in Shawnee Mission be successful in both the classroom and in life. For more information, please visit

About the North Area District: The North Area District covers the attendance area of Shawnee Mission North High School.